Hygia dispensers offer a safer, cleaner experience to users and save their users’ money and time through contactless technology, dose control and easy refill

Put it anywhere

Hygia dispensers are battery-powered so you can put them anywhere and you can move them whenever you want. No need for messy electrical cables. On the street outside your building? No problem! On the terrace of a cafe or restaurant? Easy! Hosting a special event or meeting at your office, hotel or restaurant? Need to move your dispensers to where your guests will be? Easy-peasy! Just pick up your dispensers and place them where they need to be today.

Add your brand

Yes! Hygia’s products dispensers are available in a range of colours and fun, fresh designs. But why not signal your commitment to hand hygiene and safe premises even more strongly by branding your Hygia dispensers with your organisation’s logo and colours?


The COVID-19 virus and other germs can linger on all sorts of surfaces, including the pump of conventional soap and gel dispensers. Remove this unnecessary contact point and reduce the risk to customers, employees and visitors with Hygia’s completely contactless dispensing mechanism.

Perfect Dose

Traditional gel and foam dispensers allow the user to pump more hand sanitiser than they really need. The result? Wasted money for you and a terrible experience for the users: Sanitiser dripping onto the floor and onto their shoes. Sanitiser splashing onto their clothes. Hands made sticky by excessively sized doses. Avoid the waste and mess with Hygia’s drip-free, dose-controlled dispensing mechanism. A single, right-sized dose is dispensed every time.

Easy Refill​

Your Hygia dispensers will let you know when it’s time to refill the tank with one of our recommended hydroalcoholic gels. We don’t use expensive proprietary cartridge refill systems like so many traditional soap dispenser products.