It’s especially important that kids are encouraged to take hand hygiene seriously. Perfectly sized for younger users’ little hands, JUNIOR dispensers are available in a range of fun, fresh, kid-friendly designs.
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Product description

  • Touchless dispensing system
  • Easy set-up
  • Durable aluminium build
  • Drip-free, one-dose-only dispensing:
    Prevents mess | Saves money
  • Cordless operation:
    Rechargeable lithium battery | Battery life indicator
  • Integrated five-liters tank:
    Holds 5,000-10,000 doses | Refill indicator light
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Standard colours:
    Dinos | Lego | Mondrian | Superheros | Rocket | Astronauts
  • Customise it:
    Choose any colour | Vinyl wrap with your logo/design
  • Height: 88cm (34.65in) | Width: 18cm (10.236in)


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