This guarantee is granted without prejudice and in addition to the consumer’s rights recognised vis-à-vis the seller by Law 23/2003 on Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods.

Use of the guarantee
This letter of guarantee must be presented in the event of any claims brought for malfunctions during the guarantee period of any unit supplied by HYGIA HEALTH TRADING SL (hereinafter referred to as HYGIA). This guarantee letter, together with the purchase invoice of the unit, are the only valid guarantee documents recognised by HYGIA.

We suggest (in the defence of your own interests) that you keep the HYGIA purchase invoice given to you at the time you purchased the equipment. This is the only valid document confirming the commencement of the guarantee period. 
For any action covered by the guarantee, we advise you to contact HYGIA’s technical department at: +34 872 220 442 or write an email to hello@hygiadispensers.com.
Prior to any request, we recommend that you carefully read the corresponding unit’s instructions.

Guarantee Holder:
The end user of the equipment is considered the holder and beneficiary of this guarantee, provided that he/she is the holder of the invoice issued by HYGIA. If the equipment is purchased through an intermediate distributor, the end user must consult with the seller for the equipment’s guarantee conditions.

Terms of the Guarantee:

1. HYGIA guarantees its equipment against manufacturing defects in its parts for up to two years from the date of purchase.

2. These guarantee terms are only valid for units supplied and installed within Spain. If you have purchased a unit distributed by HYGIA to another country, please contact your distributor of HYGIA products in that country.

3. The guarantee exclusively covers the supplying of the defective materials or parts, provided that the manufacturing defect is duly proven.

4. The guarantee only covers malfunctions resulting from verified manufacturing flaws. The guarantee is not valid if the malfunction is due to poor, inadequate or incorrect installation and/or maintenance; improper use of the unit; inability and/or carelessness by the purchaser, or force majeure circumstances or factors; in short, for any cause transcending the manufacturer’s responsibility.

5. Damage to aesthetic parts and wear and tear are also excluded from the guarantee.

6. Travel and labour costs related to personnel shall not be considered covered by the guarantee. The verification and repair of the equipment will be carried out by our personnel at our facilities.

7. In addition, the guarantee on replacement parts lasts up to one month, unless the remaining guarantee period of the equipment is longer.

8.I n the event of a malfunction, the costs entailed by the returning of the materials or parts will be covered by HYGIA for the first 15 days after reception of the unit. After this period, the owner of the unit will be responsible for these costs.

NOTE: If the entire unit is returned, it must be sent with an empty gel tank (see instruction sheet: “emptying the tank”).

9. All damage caused to the unit during transport, as well as damage caused by improper storage and protection of the unit, are excluded from this guarantee. We recommend that you inspect the unit upon reception. In the event of a problem, this must be indicated on the delivery note and reported in writing to customer@hygiadispensers.com within 24 hours of reception of the product so that the appropriate claim can be lodged with the shipper. The original recipient of the goods leaving HYGIA’s warehouses directly shall benefit from this privilege.

10. Furthermore, in the event the unit is tampered with, modified or repaired by persons not authorised by HYGIA, the guarantee shall be immediately rendered null and void.

11. If, in HYGIA’s view, repair of the unit is not possible, the holder of the guarantee shall be entitled to replacement of the device purchased with another one of similar characteristics, under the legally stipulated conditions. In this case, the guarantee on the new device shall last only until the original guarantee certificate expires.

12. The returning of products in a manner not provided for under the terms of the guarantee must be preceded by written authorisation from HYGIA, and must be requested within 15 days from reception of the product by the original HYGIA customer. For material returns to be accepted, it is essential that the customer enclose the original or a copy of the delivery note invoice. A 15% surcharge for handling costs will be applied. Transport costs will be borne by the customer, and will only be accepted if the product arrives in its original packaging and in perfect condition.

13. HYGIA accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage caused to persons or things, or for any possible damages due to the impossibility of the correct use of the equipment, or for any other loss resulting from the operation of the unit, or from the forced suspension of the unit’s operation.

14. This is the only valid guarantee that is recognized by HYGIA. None of the conditions granted in this guarantee may be extended or modified in any way without the express consent of HYGIA.

15. This guarantee does not supplant the applicable legally mandated guarantee (statutory guarantee).

16. In the event of litigation, the parties, expressly waiving recourse to any other jurisdiction that may otherwise correspond to them, shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Girona.